About Us

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About Us

Print Shop Like No Other

Redleaf Printing - the only print shop you need! Here you will find your print products with ease. Our very essence is to keep it simple for you. When it comes to print, a surprisingly large number of decisions must be made to figure out what you actually need. Sometimes it can be overwhelming if you do not live and breathe print as we do here at Redleaf Printing. However, we work daily to make it easier for you so your print shopping experience isn’t filled with mind-boggling decisions. We will guide you through size, paper stock, and confusing finishes so that your purchases make sense.

Redleaf Print Shop - The Printing Mission We Choose to Accept

Our Mission is two-fold:

First, we want to be a go-to print shop where your purchasing choices are simple. We don’t want to overcomplicate print and give you analysis paralysis like other shops. “Keep it simple!” is what we always say. Why? Because more often than not, simple is better.

Next, we want to be Canada’s preeminent online print shop. Online, yes, but never losing our roots as a Canadian company serving other Canadian companies and everyday people. We love this beautiful country and want to be an industry leader.

A Print Shop Dedicated to Serving

We serve anyone who needs print! There’s no limitation to who we can help. Predominantly, as a print shop in Canada, we serve Canadian companies and everyday people who need print. However, if you're visiting us from outside Canada, just know we can ship anywhere domestically and internationally.

Custom Print Solutions - Can We Help?

Yes, we most certainly can help you with custom print products. Just because it is not on our list of products does not mean we cannot create it. We have experience in manufacturing custom print products. If you need help, please contact us. We will get you connected to a dedicated customer service representative.